Rev. Dr.Victor Solomon Isaac is called by God and gifted to operate in the callings of an Evangelist, Teacher, and Pastor. He is a graduate of Sathi Homoeo Medical College, an ordained minister of the Gospel, who holds Doctor of Divinity from International Theological Seminary. He ministers the word of God with the special power of the Holy Spirit that releases people from darkness, sickness, disease, evil powers, addiction and other bondages.


Gospel is preached to the perishing millions at various sheltered corners through the inspiration and direction of the Holy Ghost. People submit their lives to Jesus Christ as signs and wonders confirm this.


He teaches the word of God with special spirit of Revelation which brings the word alive to the hearers, richly blessing them.


He feeds, nourishes, and gives loving oversight to the people God has entrusted to him in different places. God Almighty enabled him to carry this message of hope to the Nations of the World with the power, authority, Divine Healing, Prophetic gifts and word of knowledge to all people of different faiths. Through his ministry thousands of people have experienced the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, and have come to Salvation. He is a slave unto the Lord to bring people to Christ's feet until 'He' returns.

Rev. Dr. Victor Solomon Isaac: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” -Josh 24:15

As a Servant of the most high God, it is indeed a blessing to introduce my family, who is involved in this God given vision. As a family we walk in the teachings of Jesus Christ and are chosen to evangelize, teach and worship in spirit and truth in order to carry out the mission that the Triune God has commissioned us. My wife and children are anointed to bring healing through the word of God by preaching, singing praises to God and playing instruments that touch people like spearheads.

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