I greet each one of you in the precious name of our soon coming Lord Jesus Christ.Let us fervently believe that our Lord is powerful and able to freeeach one of us from problems,diseases, debts etc. If you would believe you would see the glory of God. -John 11:40 If we lead aspirit filled life, the Lord will free us from all bonds.The Bible also says, Wherethere is the Spirit of the Lord, there is liberty. -2 Cor 3:17

Therefore, without worrying about anything, hold on tothe Lord and be glad. I am praying everyday and thanking God for every prayer partner. I am also praying sincerely for the well being of every partner in this ministry of the HolySpirit. Dear beloved, we have come to the end times. The Lord's second coming is imminent. Therefore,without wasting time, do somethingfor the glory of God and receive His blessings. I thank each one of you who has given your offerings for our ministry. The Lord will surely reward you richly. (Mt 10:42)

By God's grace and through the earnest prayers of many,we have been conducting Revival and Miracle Hour every Sunday.

May the Lord richly bless each one ofyou who is constantly praying for ourministry. May the Lord extend His gracious hand and bless each one of you and everyone dear to you. We do appreciate and express our heart-feltgratitude for being a prayer partner with Healing Stripes Ministries inorder to reach the lost millions with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without your aid, prayers and financial support, we would not have accomplished so much for the Lord andfor His kingdom. Affirmatively your reward in heaven will be great. Your constant succession prayers and support will strengthen our hands and in turn be a blessing to the rejecte dones.

May the Good LordRichly Bless You
Yours in His Vineyard
Rev. Dr. Victor Solomon Isaac


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